Jan-April 2012

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  1. Joe and Sue Studholme
    Apr 25, 2012 @ 00:32:23

    Hi there Fred and Rebecca and boys, Fantastic notes and photos. wish we were there ! It all looks to be heavenly. Makes life look pretty dull here. Are there any whales up there or do they prefer cooler seas ? Last year I went to Zanzibar and swam in the Indian Ocean…….what bliss ! This June we are off for a quick trip to Britain to my nephews wedding in Cambridge. Hoping to hop over to Ireland where my Grandmother came from. We are all well here. It is autumn and very colourful, also having a lovely warm spell ( not Harry Potters ). Caroline is well and we go walking on the beach with her little dogs quite often. Shortly off to Sydney to check out Hamish and family Jack 8, Sienna 6. Ingrid busy with her work ( training company management ). Hopefully get to see Johnnie and Eve in Tasmania in the spring. Alastair and family all well and very busy with the cropping and Annie is a journalist so also busy full time. Olivia is 7, Will 6.
    We don’t get so many earthquakes here now, thankfully. Our house has many cracks which they will one day fix, at least we are able to keep living in it. Many can’t. Phillipa and Richard are out of their house while it is being mended now.
    Getting a rental house is very hard now. Many people have lost houses and jobs. The center of the city is like a bomb site and will be so for maybe years. It is all going to take a long time to fix. It has had a strange effect on all the people. I guess us too, but it’s hard to put a finger on it.
    Better ‘ hit the hay ‘now. Take care and good fishing. do you get sick of fish ?
    Much love Joe and Sue. xxxxx


  2. mehran
    May 21, 2012 @ 23:14:10

    enjoyed seeing these pictures and reading your blog…safe travels ….mehran


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