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What do you think about the trip, Luca?  It’s going to be cool.  I think we’ll get to meet some new friends, and the trip will be very long.  We’re going to get to do something that not many other people get to do, like going to Indonesia on a boat instead of a plane, and visiting other countries on the way.  And we’re doing all this at the age of 10!  I’m not looking forward to leaving Beachlands, cause there’s lots of friends I’ll miss, and I won’t be able to drop round to their place to play X-Box (because Mummy and Daddy are weird and won’t buy one!).  and lots of other things I can’t think of right now – cause I’m eating dinner.

The house move would have been fun, if everyone hadn’t been so tired and there hadn’t been so many boxes!

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  1. Thomas
    Aug 03, 2011 @ 20:20:07

    would you like come over on the weekend aswell.


  2. fredandrebecca
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 15:16:38

    flubabubabuba YES PLEASE!


  3. Tim F
    Aug 25, 2011 @ 19:26:44

    So did Maddies cucumber make the cut – or the rubbish bin?


  4. biddy turner
    Aug 26, 2011 @ 22:41:59

    Thinking of you at the start of your great adventure – and I’m a little bit envious! Hannah is working at Reading Festival cleaning out loos for 8 hrs a day YUK! Molly is playing her saxaphone a lot and going to parties and Alice is doing lots of swimming in the rain with me as we’ve had practically NO sun this summer! Looking forward to hearing how its going! Lots of love Biddy xx


  5. A Adams
    Aug 28, 2011 @ 04:28:10

    Hey Luca! I’m so excited about this blog and will show it to your classmates when I get back! I hope the first week of your trip has been fun and I look forward to hearing about your adventures!


  6. The MCCR8S
    Aug 28, 2011 @ 19:17:20

    Hi Luca (and other Nolans)
    hope you are all well and enjoying your adventure on the high seas.
    We had a good game of soccer yesterday. We drew 2-2, Matthew scored an amazing goal backwards – Dennis called it the donkey kick!!!!
    Let us know what you all the exciting things your get up to!!
    Rory and the MCCR8S


  7. jakob
    Aug 29, 2011 @ 22:08:27

    hey luca


  8. sam
    Sep 22, 2011 @ 16:48:24

    hi luca its sam hope you are having a good time. I really miss you. bet you have earned your fishing badge by now. Send me a photo of your trip when you can.


  9. Jin
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 18:12:08

    Hi luca, I know how u feel. My mum and dad are pretty wierd too 🙂 🙂 🙂
    From jin


  10. Pudney/ Frasers
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 17:12:23

    hey Lucca HAPPY BIRTHDAY from a couple of days ago!!! – what an amazing adventure to be on for your birthday!
    Jen and Tim


  11. jakob
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 19:02:28

    hey luca really miss you. to much homework hope your trips goin well was thinkin about you today in baseball Lachy, Josh and I are all in the same baseball

    your friend always Jakob


    • fredandrebecca
      Apr 20, 2012 @ 11:04:02

      Hey Jakob, I’ll pass your message on to Luca – he will be so excited to hear from you. He tried sending you a couple of emails but I’m not sure if you got them. He really misses you too and I know he’s sad you wont be in Beachlands when we get back. I know he will always want to stay friends, even if you guys are living in different places. Take care, Rebecca


  12. fredandrebecca
    May 22, 2012 @ 15:30:05

    Hey Jakob, so glad to hear from you. Hope you got my email on sailmail. We are in Cooktown now and I have met a nice friend called Jack. We have also been to Lizard Island and seen humungous lizards. Been up a towering mountain and had a war with some friends. If you didn’t get my email, could you please give me your email address that I should send the next one to. Your best friend, Luca


  13. fredandrebecca
    May 22, 2012 @ 15:31:22

    PS If Josh and Lachie are reading this as well please could they write down their emails on the blog. Thank you.


    • susan humphries
      Jun 25, 2012 @ 21:54:43

      Hi Nolans! Have little idea where youre at but not much changes at Maraetai. Crisp early walks to trig, yoga, tramps, cycles & salmon feed the body. The mind is neglected…movies, a little reading & constant “planning” (lists of stuff one intends achieving) help keep the soggy grey matter hydrated. Have added beehive to garden which is currently bursting


  14. jakob
    Sep 29, 2012 @ 20:41:52

    hey luca
    hope you r having a gr8 time not to long till u come back now.


  15. jakob
    Sep 29, 2012 @ 20:42:49



  16. louis
    Dec 10, 2012 @ 14:53:18

    hi luca when are you coming back?


    • fredandrebecca
      Dec 11, 2012 @ 13:10:34

      hi Louis & Jackson
      We are hoping to get back maybe just after Christmas. Where will you be at that point?

      Did you get these emails? If not, here they are.

      Louis and Jackson

      great to hear from you! Firstly, I am glad to hear that you are still doing wizard101. I’ve got a whole load of questions for you! what places have you got? what pets have you bought or gained?do you think you could talk to school Ethan cripps ( at beachlands school) and find out my username and password? have you found the death school? what spells have you got? what minions have you obtained? The second (and most brilliant) was I had my birthday a couple of days ago, and I got FIVE different dragonology books!!! here are their names,’dragonology chronicles;The dragon’s eye’, Dragonology;the complete book of dragons’ (the main book), ‘bringing up baby dragons;a guide for beginners.’,’working with dragons; a course in dragonology.’ (like a correspondence workbook) and ‘Dragonology; a field guide to dragons'( with 12 different dragon models,frost dragon, marsupial, Chinese ‘lung’, etc, etc) And all written (except the novel) are written by Dr drake! By the way, are you still interested in dragons?

      email as soon as you can


      p.s we have wi-fi now, so you can answer on hotmail.

      Second email

      I was hoping to send this after you emailed, but I’d been planning for quite a while, and have decided to ask you now. I have been watching lord of the rings, and have been inspired to try and make a movie of my (and your) own. I could only think of the ad, and it almost definitely won’t work, because there are a list of things I need. Here they are:

      Jackson; on your camera:shrinking, red eyes, zoom, one eye, mermaid tail, dublicating actors.( maybe can be done on computer)

      Louis; do you have mates that could act like this: 1.small boy, can be hunched while (or not) running. 2.2 actors which are firm, muscly, and don’t mind being bare-chest.3. (1 that can use his legs as hands, and vice versa) and 2 actors that are sneery, buff, muscly, and good at acting clumsy.

      answer as soon as you can, and I’ll tell you the script after you email me.


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