The birthday blog

Hey everybody. My mum and dad think they should always have a favourite and today I’m theirs!  After all this time I have finally been able to write a blog (I actually thought it was the end of the blog after we left the internet access premises of New Zealand.) It’s been a year and what do you know? The moment I start writing the blog again, it’s my birthday. It’s such an awesome birthday too. As we all know 10th birthday is a big birthday. I got a penknife AND a speargun. Lately we have been tacking into the wind and making a slam slam slam noise ALL the time (I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of those complaints from dad.) We have been to some really nice places such as Lizard Island, which was the habitats to some enormous 3ft lizards. We also went to Morris Island, where we found some croc tracks. Luca and I stood there staring at the tracks with amazement whilst  my mum and dad furiously tried to convince themselves that they were lizard tracks, not croc tracks. But to their horror, we arrived at Lizard Island and went to the beach bar to meet a guy called Bret, who said that there was a youth croc on Morris Island.

Tonight we are going out to a fancy Italian restaurant to have pizza.