Internet access….the holy grail of Pacific

..this is not a proper blog, just an update in a rare moment of frivolous spending.

We have arrived in Luganville, Espirito Santo Island to restock, and have treated ourselves to a cafe meal out.  After several weeks of sharing one teabag between two, skimping on water consumption, stretching out our meagre supply of cereal and peanut butter, and generally trying unsuccessfully to teach the boys the fine art of being tight-arsed, here we sit at the Beachfront Resort enjoying a beer, the boys all aquiver with the idea of a burger out.  Of course, our tight-arseness isn’t entirely absent, as this meal allows us free access while we sit here, so Rebecca’s furiously sorting out bank details, and I’m about to try to load up some photos.

In the meantime, anyone who’s actually been following this blog – and Lord knows I’d expect most of our friends have better things to be doing with their lives – should know how tricky it is to get reliable internet access out here.  So I’m afraid we’re mostly restricted to our sailmail text emails, and so photos on this site might be a rarity.  And access to this interwebby-thing will prove even harder on our intended route, which at present involves Soloman Islands, PNG and then Indonesia for Xmas.



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