We haven’t run out of chocolate, yet..

Having just about given up on ever contributing to this blog again, I decided that Fred was not allowed to take it over completely and I might just add a few thoughts, so in no particular order here they are..

You can make fantastic bread in a pressure cooker (really as good as the breadmaker, and faster)..

I’m still only finding time to read one book every six weeks..

The ministers at church look very formal (in a grubby sort of way), but get them in a kava bar, and they are just like all the other slightly dazed men..

I’m glad I brought lots of plasters and antiseptic cream (those beautiful coral reefs are a bugger on your feet at times)..

You can make slightly less fantastic scones in a pressure cooker too (the birthday cake attempt comes next)..

The climate is doing wonders for my skin (in the short term only, no doubt) no teenage zits, no need for endless moisturising cream (I read somewhere that sunblock is as good as all the expensive anti-aging creams around). Probably brewing a nice melanoma though..

Luca is incredibly brave in social situations going to school on his own, asking the chiefs about religious and spiritual stories for his book, taking Jacob in a dinghy full of giggling girls to keep him company (that last one was definitley under duress)..

Gabriel is the most fanatical fisherman I have ever met (Conrad has serious competition). Despite us catching less than half a handful of fish on the whole trip, he doggedly keeps trying, hassling Fred at every opportunity to go fishing in the dinghy/off the boat/with the spear gun. He is our all out hunter-gatherer in the making..

Jacob is a dolphin in disguise he is in the water for at least 4 hours a day when we are at anchor, only coming out yesterday when his lifejacket finally started creating a sore under his arm..

Fred is ridiculously cool, calm and collected in every situation (I knew that already), except possibly when that huge spanish mackerel fell off his line, again..

You can never have enough fishing gear..

You can never have enough clothes pegs..

Ni-Vans are very friendly, but there are some villages with definite underlying tension/politics amongst themselves, like ours I guess. Well I guess they have a huge amount of time to chew over the ins and outs of what the chief is doing with the village money, over their cups of kava..

Teaching the kids is fun (mostly), and you never know, we might turn them into mathematicians yet.. (not!)

The Rugby World Cup isn’t high on the agenda of most Ni-Vans, who wonder why the biggest flag flying on our boat is black with a silver fern..

Body language is a wonderful communicator. Especially when the bislama (pigeon english) alternative to offering someone your snorkel to use is ‘paep blong pullem wind’..

Provisioning for a family who love cereal, milk, cheese and most things dairy is virtually impossible in the Islands (and apparently worse in Indonesia). Once our Gilmores stock has gone, it’s gone..

The big boys eat more than Fred and I do. What are they going to be like in a year or two? (or three?)..

Three year olds can swallow foul tasting pills if there is a gummy bear to follow..

We have some very clever, talented and generous friends every day I marvel at our mosquito nets (big and small), our storm boards (which fit like a glove every night), our lovely greenstones, our wonderful All Black/NZ gifts, our rain catcher which would have been impossible to sew in any room but the Chads, our confidence in being able to handle this beast of a boat (thank you Jason)..

I marvel at our luck, that the cake tins fit perfectly inside the pressure cooker so we can make bread without burning it, our cushions actually fit (thanks to our cardboard cut outs we took along to our South Auckland seamstress), our water filter system actually seems to work (after many hours of discussion and work)..

We need to find another fishing book for Gabriel when he is not fishing, he is pouring over the fishing books, guessing which fish got away.

Lukim yu afta, Tata

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tim
    Oct 13, 2011 @ 08:52:09

    Brilliant Becs – don’t let Fred hog the limelight! Any chance of getting the boys to do a similar kind of post to yours – short staccato bursts of what they have enjoyed, or not, what they’ve done and who they have been doing it with??


  2. Process Chick
    Oct 13, 2011 @ 09:17:16

    Good on you Rebecca for grabbing the pen. Was great to hear about all of the important stuff going on. Keep the blogs coming – they are very enjoyable.


  3. Sheila
    Oct 15, 2011 @ 13:38:14

    Loved this blog – have just caught up with them all. Was good to read that my ever practical, make it up as you go along Rebecca is as staunch as ever. Was lovely to hear the news of the boys too. Can soooooo see Luca chatting up the Chief. Go well.


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