Settling into island life..

After a couple of days in Port Vila getting checked into the country, we are now parked off an idyllic spot in Havannah Bay, Efate Island.

9 days at sea from NZ in total, so it was a relief to put foot on Terra Firma – although it didn’t feel firm at all.. It wasn’t Vanuatu earthquakes making us sway, just those sea-legs not quite computing with the still calm of solid ground.

Checking into the country was wonderful island style. We anchored next to the Q-flag (indicating we had just arrived in the country)at 7am and after calling Port Vila Radio a few times on our VHF (they were obviously taking the day off), we gave up and waited to see if anyone would turn up. By lunchtime, we made it off the boat..

Port Vila was a bit of a shock for the kids – lots of people, traffic and smells they had never experienced before. Gabriel promptly asked if we could leave to one of the outer islands and go fishing. We had a few more jobs to do before we left, including celebrating my birthday. We had a lovely birthday meal that evening, thanks to Greta and Jason, and the next day (my actual birthday) started SPECTACULARLY with Eggs Benedict. Sitting on our lovely yacht, in a beautiful bay, with no waves crashing, munching on a delicious breakfast was a perfect way to start the day. Fred knows the way to his wife’s heart..

The next treat on my birthday was that the boys were to take all the laundry away to do, while Greta and I went for a coffee and connected to the good old internet. It was wonderful to catch up on everyone’s messages – just to let you all know that they wont appear on the blog until we get to hotmail and can ‘approve’ each message. Answering each individually means being on line for long periods of time, which isn’t really an option for us.

So in answer to some of your comments;

Thank you for all the birthday wishes – much appreciated!

Captain Kook didn’t get sea-sick at all, but McTed needed an urgent dose of champagne to settle his stomach. Slightly annoyingly, every time I got out a fun toy to play with, Jacob announced that “Susan got that for me for my birthday. I love Susan”..

Clearly the 40th birthday party was a huge success Karl – it’s about bloody time you were in your 40’s. Now Conrad and Cathy just have to get on with it.. Dave – keep name-dropping to your heart’s content. I’ll never stop telling people I rubbed shoulders with Sting..

Raech, dry your tears and come and join us – we are missing you guys so much. Just ruin your husbands career and book a holiday!

Michael – you are so right, the two hulls are just perfect – now.. Off shore – still prefer this, but could do with another couple of feet of bridge deck clearance for a bit of sleep. Couldn’t possibly admit we would prefer a monohull at this juncture, and now that we are sitting here with all this SPACE. And swell, what swell??

Can’t believe Nozzers is still alive – she was so FAT – and that was 12 years ago!

Completely forgot Father’s day – I always resented it being so close to my birthday (because it’s all about ME), so sorry Fred, all too late now.. Maybe I can resurrect some of the hollandaise sauce in the fridge..

I’ll let Fred do the next blog, because he is chomping at the bit and writes a much better blog. Hopefully we’ll all retire on the sales of his next best-seller..

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dave
    Sep 11, 2011 @ 08:02:23

    Hi guys – what an awesome adventure! Although with lots of 40ths and the world cup we having a little excitment ourselves – Conrad’s birthday today (the last to leave the 30’s – OMG!) Dave and Ollie went to the opening ceremony/game on Friday night which was spectacular. Loving the blog, you guys need to write professionally – the Reids are more bullet point people!


  2. Katherine Britton
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 10:39:30

    Hello! Glad to read you’ve made it safely to dry land. Really enjoying reading your blogs, definitely need to get a literary agent when you have completed your adventures – I am sure it would sell well!
    Not being very geographical, I hope the bad winds and rain lashing NZ at the moment (including the odd tornado in Auckland) are not affecting you.
    I think you’re all so adventurous and I admire you for having the courage to do it – and I thought we were adventurous just moving to a new country!!
    All the best for now – looking forward to reading more posts.
    from Katherine (Britton, Holly’s mum!)


  3. Brian & Susan
    Sep 15, 2011 @ 18:03:43

    Belated birthday good wishes Rebecca!Thought our messages weren’t getting through!You must have been bombarded!Hope you are all loving the trip.Miss you .Love you too Jacobxx


  4. Sam Robinson
    Sep 17, 2011 @ 06:37:14

    Hello everyone! This sounds AMAZING! I’m very jealous… Happy Birthday Rebecca sounds like you had a good one! Keep on blogging, I love hearing about your adventures, it’s very well written. Lots and lots of love Sam xxx


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