Beyond half-way

We seem to have escaped the challenging weather patterns that surround NZ, and picked up the edge of a large stationary high off the northern Tasman, bringing light Southerlies and sunny days this now being our 3rd day flying the gennaker (big sail at the front) and cruising along at a steady 6-7 knots in smooth seas. The temperatures are gradually rising, and we’re progressively shedding more clothes as we approach New Caledonia latitudes. Lovely sailing, and a lot less pounding!

Yesterday we celebrated our official half-way point, an important milestone for crew morale and a good excuse for treats. With a no-alcohol policy whilst on passage, treats invariably mean food, provided for by Rebecca ‘she who knows where stuff is stored’ (a power second to none on the boat, cherished and fiercely protected by the holder). She can instantly lay her hands on things the rest of us dared not dream we even had. This included pancakes for breakfast, hugely appreciated by all except me, who missed the event whilst I slept off the last watch and awoke to eat the usual 6-day old crusty bread. Are there no privileges for the skipper?

At our half-way point we also run an ETA sweepstake, another morale-booster and one heavily supported by the skipper, who naturally feels better informed than others and therefore pretty confident in winning. We each take turns guessing arrival date and time in Port Vila, starting with Jacob who after some prompting randomly picks the first day of the week that pops into his head. The rest of the family quietly prepares for the standard guffawing as our trusty 3 year old supplies yet another ludicrous contribution to our discussion, but are quickly quietened when we announces Tues 10am 6 days hence. Albeit a tad pessimistic, we realise he’s made an unwittingly shrewd guess and start to readjust our own estimates accordingly. Actually, the good money’s on Monday, but we’re still debating the winners’ spoils. Luca suggested a week-free of washing up duties, a proposal quickly veto’ed by Rebecca and me who saw an essential element of our parental armoury for keeping a semblence of order onboard slipping away from us. I suggest an icecream, but get quickly veto’ed by everyone, who rightly point out that after 10 days at sea we all deserve a wretched icecream! And so the debate continues. Thankfully we still have 5 days to resolve it (no, 6! no 3! etc).

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jens
    Sep 02, 2011 @ 07:00:56

    half way, and all still well!! awesome.
    What about the one who guesses right gets to throw the skipper into the drink?!
    hehe xxxxx


  2. Process Chick
    Sep 02, 2011 @ 10:22:14

    Hurray, your first milestone. That ice-cream on Terra Firma is going to taste so much sweeter than anything devoured within the walls of Princes St.

    Keep the posts coming. They are the highlight of my day! [did I really say that out loud?]


  3. Brian & Susan
    Sep 02, 2011 @ 10:39:34

    Testing again!Please work!!


  4. The Rarotongans.
    Sep 03, 2011 @ 11:24:46

    Great post Fred. Your family all need to be concentrating on Fathers day treats for tomorrow though and are getting ahead of themselves imagining the delights of Vanuatu. Just a little reminder incase “she who knows where stuff is stored” has overlooked this celebration.


  5. Karl
    Sep 04, 2011 @ 18:15:44

    Good blog team. Laughed our [backsides] off at the arrival sweepstake. Fantastic to hear that you are over half way. The 40th bash last night was wan and uneventful without you. Everyone stood around looking at the floor, wistfully commenting that ‘it’s just not the same without them’. We had to listen to Dave recount how it was like the time he partied with all of the 1991 All Blacks (who he named individually) and a number if politicians and VIPs (who he named individually) after the ’91defeat. Actually that’s all [lies] (Dave only dropped 10 names), we partied hard and had a great time, but raised a glass to absent friends and fearless mariners alike. K,R,B, S.
    PS – Raech is still crying after your departure.


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