The countdown begins…

Well, we moved out of our place last weekend, packing a 20ft container full of our stuff, and still carting around boxes of gear.  

No surprise to either of us, it appears that both Rebecca and I are serial collectors, completely lacking the ability to throw anything out, and this tendency comes home to roost big time when we move house.  “What’s that useless piece of junk?” one of us might cry, to which the traditional reply is “oooh, well, you never know, it might come in handy one day, we’d better pack it”… and so our stuff mounts up.   Add to that my own inability to drive past a garage sale without stopping and buying something, and you have a recipe for junk junk and more junk.  That’s us!

The move was a nightmare – they always are, aren’t they? – but hugely helped by good friends who joined us in the heaving, stacking and swearing – thank you Jason, Greta, Susan and Brian – you guys rock!